Sensitivity captured in
boldness of modern beauty

About my art — Beauty can be found in various of motives and subjects. In the modern society, where tradition and ordinariness have become monotonous and boring, beauty requires the possesion of authenticity. Through a philosophical approach that advocates the phenomenon of photography bringing the personal identity and mystery of the very own photographer through expression of model, the theme of feminity and masculinity, in the world where the boundaries of two terms have become faded and unclear, the question of characteristics that are to be considered as beautiful and alluring has been pointed out.

Sexuality and gender identity appear as inevitable question marks, as well as personal character and identity which, being unexpected, give a boost to the model itself, and thus to the photography that is used as a media of expression where sensuality and feminity come together, melting into a specific visual code.

About me — I am a Milan based creative director and photographer with Croatian origin. From an early age I have been living in various places, mostly between Vienna, Paris and Zagreb, where I got influenced by different cultures and knowledge, all of which formed my identity and my artistic approach. My life made me believe that experiences make personalities, as for I have been revisiting all the places that I fell in love with to find an inspiration for actual projects.

I started writing the blog as a long—time running passion idea born by the sea, in my hometown Split, in order to follow my heart in the city where it was aching to go to — Milan. Searching for the signs of beauty in everyday life, I tend to observe and appreciate little moments and random events and romanticise them, as I believe that it is up to me to make my days worth  remembering.

I like wearing black, especially dresses and suits (preferably male borrowed). I am in love with old movies and French language, Art Nouveau architecture and art theory, all of which, I hope, will inspire you to romanticise your own life, as being full of details, it is a perfect stage for making unique memories. I am obsessed with vintage flowers and the sound of sea waves  hitting the shore.



Biennale of Croatian Design 21-22; Lauba Gallery, Zagreb, 2023
Fe/male; pop-up exhibition Art Bubble, Zagreb, 2022
Female Dandy; Gallery Vasko Lipovac, University of Split, 2021
Best of UMAS; Gallery Marko Marulić, Split, 2020
On Loneliness; Photoclub Gallery, Rijeka, 2020
Summer 2020; Infozona Gallery, Split, 2020
Biennale of Student Photography; Academy of Fine Arts, Novi Sad
Personal; Photoclub Gallery, Split, 2019
Interactions; Academy of Fine Arts, Split, 2018
Tiramola; Photoclub Gallery, Split, 2015-2018